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ABC Baby Poem
A is for angel, sent from above,
B is for baby, smothered with love,
C is for cute as cute can be
D is for diapers and changing them for me
E is for everything baby and more
F is for father walking the floor
G is for glad you are finally here
H is for hiccups that are funny and dear
I is for icky sticky messing
J is for Jesus and His blessing
K is for kisses and kindness and keep
L is for Love, so wide and deep
M is for Mommy and her loving arms
N is for Never coming to harm
O is for oat cereal and later Cheerios
P is for precious little fingers and toes
Q is for quiet, baby is sleeping
R is for relatives, always come peeping
S is for sleep, but not for your folks
T is for tub and all those long soaks
U is for unconditional as in love from your parents
V is for very active as you will soon merit
W is for wakeful, watchful and wise
X is for the Xtra special light you brought to our eyes
Y is for you - who is as bright as the sun
Z is for zest of living that you gave us, little one.